Hire an Expert



per Hour

If you’re looking for something small for me to work on that will take me less than a month, I’m cool with that, but I prefer larger projects that have a bit longer lifespan. $95 per hour is my rate for projects that run less than 90 days.


per Hour

Once your project reaches the 90 day mark, I’ll drop my rate for the longer-term project. You save some money and I’m happy to do it for the extended term gig.

Full or Part-Time

Not every project keeps me busy full-time. You pay only for the hours I work and I bill in 15 minute increments so you’re not paying for a full hour when it only takes me ten minutes to fix something. If you’re on a budget and only want to allocate 10, 20, or 30 hours a week, I’m flexible.

Direct Hire

I’m available for a direct hire to the right enterprise or company. If you have a great company culture, interesting projects and cool people to work with, I’m open to working for you. Call me. Let’s chat.

Oh, and keep in mind that I work exclusively on a Mac. I don’t do Windows.


No Contracts. Fire Me Anytime.

We’ll be working under an at-will relationship. No contracts to get in the way of what you want. As long as you’re paying my invoices, I’ll keep doing what you need me to do. I stop work when you stop paying my invoices.

I invoice every Friday via PayPal and invoices are due immediately via credit card. Sorry, I don’t take checks.

To get started you’ll to pay my first 20 hours up front before I begin work. That way I know you’re serious and not just taking me for a ride. Since you’re paying via credit card, you’re protected as well.

Getting Started

The first few days of working on your project will be for requirements gathering and documenting via Google Docs of what you need.

You will be involved so be prepared for some meetings. If you ignore me, I’ll term the agreement and quit. I’m not working with unresponsive clients.

Your project will be a success as long as communication is flowing freely.

I prefer chat over Slack to keep things simple. Most of the time you can answer questions in a sentence or two.

You Own It.

This is a work for hire. You own everything I produce for you. Source code. Data. Everything. The only exception is third-party license or Open-source code. I’ll build out your product in AWS using TIGER or whichever platform you prefer.

Independent Contractor

I’m an independent contractor. Since I’m not your employee, you don’t have to pay me benefits, pay any payroll taxes, or give me company stock options.

Make Any Changes You Like.

Software development is often an iterative process; changes are made as things progress; no one gets it right the first time. We try things as per your instructions and my understanding of what you ask for, if it doesn’t work the way you like, we can make changes.

However, changes can be expensive so I will strive to get it right the first time. But if you want changes, you pay for them, not me. That’s how software development works.


Estimates are made in hours, not dollars. Also, estimates are just that, estimates. I  will work hard for you and your project, but if you need custom integrations with various third-party webservices, or special AWS integrations that I’ve never done before, it will take additional time to prototype and then move into production-ready code.

Software development is never an exact science. I do work fast, but I’m not Superman. If you’re expecting your new platform to just materialize out of AWS within a couple of weeks, you’ll need to re-evaluate what it is you’re building.

AWS / GitHub

I will build-out your project within an AWS account that is owned by you and your company, not me. You will be paying the AWS hosting fees for any services and resources used. During development you can expect these hosting fees to run about $50 to $80 per month.

If you don’t want AWS, don’t hire me.

All source code will be stored on a GitHub account you also own. GitHub charges $4 a month for an account with private repos.

Technology Stack

Unless otherwise stipulated, I will be building out your shiny new project using the TIGER Platform that I built and invented. This RAD (Rapid Application Development) Platform will have us off and running almost on day one saving you literally tens of thousands of dollars in development costs.

Why You Should Not Hire Me

Not everyone who visits my site is gong to want to hire me because, well, I’m not cheap. I get it. And that’s fine. But I will be up-front with you and tell you that about half of all software projects fail because people hired non-experts because they thought they could save money.

You can off-shore your project for less money.

Yes you can. But there is a very high likelihood that your project will fail and your product will look like junk. Unless you are very acquainted with the pitfalls of off-shoring, you probably shouldn’t do it.

You can hire your nephew who just graduated.

I can almost guarantee your project will fail. Inexperience is probably the number-one cause of projects going over budget and never reaching conclusion. New engineers need to be trained beside experienced ones for years before they have the real-world skills to complete projects.

You want a whole team of people on your project.

If you off-shore with a company, they will add expense by adding team members to your project. And the whole team experience does not guarantee you will get a finished, polished, product.

You can hire someone just like me for less.

No. You cannot. Because people like me are few and we all cost about the same. You don’t get hired by Disney because you suck. Companies like these only hire the best of the best. My skills are not just good, but exceptional.