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For nearly 30 years I’ve been building technology for companies, beginning with some of my own in 1995. I’ve been a software publisher, owned a national dial-up internet and hosting company, and most recently worked for some of America’s largest Fortune 50 enterprises building their web applications and software tools.

30 Years of Exprience

Put my many decades of business and application experience to work for you and your project for a successful launch.

Full-Stack Developer

Full-stack means that I do it all, from the UI to the middleware, to the database and even the server and hosting of your app in AWS.

Elegant UI / UX

I’m also a Graphic Designer so you know that whatever I build for you will look like it came out of a Disney Studio.


If your custom application needs e-commerce capability, I have extensive experience with card payment gateways and PCI compliance.

An Application Architect

You could hire just a web developer. But if you really need to your project to shine and be scalable in the cloud, you need a real application architect.

Scalable Architecture

Anyone can build an app. But it takes experience to know how to build apps that scale properly in the cloud.

AWS Infrastructure

I’ve been using AWS for nearly 20 years. Your application will work lightning fast harbored within AWS datacenter regions.

Localized / Translations

Your application will come with the capability of being localized and translated into any language.

Responsive Design

Your web application will be responsive and look and operate great in just about any mobile device.

Stunning Design

Most developers fall flat when it comes to beautiful design. Your app will look as good as it functions.

Functional Simplicity

I don’t cram into your app a bunch of UI libraries you don’t need. Your code will be clean, commented, and easy to work with.

Your Project Will Succeed


About half of all software application projects fail. The reasons are many, but one of the top reasons is a failure to hire experienced talent. Someone fresh out of school will be half the cost of my rates—and they won’t know how to architect your project. If you want your software product to succeed, hire someone with deep experience who has launched multiple successful products.

Plays Well With Others


Anyone can post client reviews. What you really want to know is how your project is in the hands of someone you can work with. Someone who knows their art and who can investigate and solution your requirements.

Beau's breadth of knowledge and experience enables him to take on a variety of roles and responsibilities within our team. Most importantly, however, is Beau's ability to take advantage of his specific application design and development skills to deliver high quality results. Beau has increased and often led our team's capabilities for creating a better user experience for an international audience. Beau's contributions to our team were immediate and his overall entrepreneurial mindset continue to push the innovative spirit of our team.

Chad Baker,
Senior Software Engineer, The Walt Disney Company

Beau is an excellent software engineer with an eye for detail and writing code in-line with our enterprise standards. While on the team his suggestions for UI and UX allowed us to create applications that our business partners and cast found easy to use that took advantage of modern practices to reduce churn in workflows. ... Beau has worked on a massive team effort to migrate a set of core applications to AWS and has demonstrated his experience with AWS products well. On numerous occasions he has contributed to our software platform architecture, and strengthening our products with new and innovative ideas. He is professional and candid and capable of taking criticism and quick to apply feedback to further improve the software development life-cycle. It's been a pleasure to work with Beau ...

Andrew Polaski,
Software Engineer, Disney Parks and Resorts

Founder and Lead Developer at WebTIGERS

The TIGER Platform was developed by me for WebTIGERS. TIGER is an amazing web  application development platform that can jumpstart any LAMP-stack project quickly and easily. I developed the TIGER Platform to be a “WordPress Killer”, like the WordPress, only TIGER is exceptionally well-architected, feature-rich, plugin-extensible, and self-contained within it’s own AWS server instance.

Relax. I've Got This.


Effective Requirements Gathering

Once we begin, I’ll spend a few days gathering your requirements, going over any existing documentation you may have, and producing a roadmap of how we get from where you are to where you want to be with a functional product.

Daily Updates & Communication

You’l get daily updates of where the project is, what happened yesterday and what’s going to happen today. This also keeps you in the loop of the inevitable issues that crop up in every project. No worries. I’ve got it well in hand.

A Well-known Technology Stack

I won’t be building your product in some esoteric technology stack no one knows about. “LAMP” is the cornerstone technology stack of the internet: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Your application will be rock-solid dependable, extensible, and configurable using a well-known framework and service oriented architecture.

At The Top of My Game


The bottom line is you don’t get hired by places like Disney, Sprint, and Dell if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’ve been in technical interviews with literally a dozen other top software engineers who pelted me with questions for 90 minutes. They hired me the next day. That is the kind of experience you need working for you.

Design UI & UX
API / Webservices
Graphic Design

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